Freedom Machine Corp.

Gas Compression and General Machining

What We Do

Freedom’s specialty is reconditioning natural gas compressor components including pistons, rods, valves, packing cases and volume pockets.  Any and all parts will be reconditioned to restore your compressor to OEM standards or to your individual specifications. We stock many compressor parts including packing, valve, lubrication and starter parts.  Freedom Machine can provide an experienced lubrication technician to optimize compressor performance and increase the time between overhauls.
We also offer general machining services including CNC, boring mill, spray welding and any other custom manufacturing needs you may have. Bring us a drawing or sample of the part you need manufactured and we will gladly supply you with options and a quote.

How We’re Different

Freedom Machine is committed to the health, safety and happiness of all of our staff which is reflected in the quality of every component built in our facility. Our day and night shift services are provided by qualified personnel and QC’d by journeyman tradesman at our locally owned & operated facility. We understand the cost of down time and realize the challenges of our clients which is why our nightshift is at standard shop rates and we are focused on our client’s turnaround time-line.
We are committed to the growth and development of our staff, providing a strong mentorship program to help apprentices as they progress through to journeyman status.

Our Services

At Freedom Machine, we produce quality workmanship in all repaired components. We specialize in commonly used component repairs but we also service what your industry requires. Gas Compression, compressor valve service, general machining, spray welding and lubrication cover all your needs.

Stock Parts

With our experience in machining we are able to design and machine many complex parts you require to keep you up and running. Our turnaround time is top notch. From supplying packing, compressor parts and compressor valves, to starters and lubrication, Freedom Machine has you covered.

Safety First

Freedom Machine is responsible and held accountable for providing and maintaining a safe work environment with proper procedures, training, equipment and programs to ensure work is performed to the highest standards and in compliance with government and industry regulations.

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Phone: 780 532 5353